The Citizen Leader Book

The Citizen Leader: Be the Person You’d Want to Follow is a self-directed guide designed to help men and women rediscover, reaffirm and recommit to the principles that would lead them to assert: I am a person I’d want to follow.

The Citizen Leader responds to a desire among people at all stages of personal and professional life to elevate their sense of self-awareness and develop their skills to steadily and successfully lead themselves ­– both essential elements of a foundation on which to build the skills needed to lead anyone else. 

The book is structured to make it possible for you to venture through the material on your own. It is also designed to let you partner with others – members of your family, friends or peers, in school, at work, in a seminar, in a book club – so together you can use its guidance and tools to create a forum for reflection, sharing, sharpening, learning and growth.

It is my hope that the insights you derive from The Citizen Leader will enrich your life and help you create great places to live, work and play.

The Citizen Leader in Action Seminars & Workbooks

Deepen your understanding and practice of the five essential roles as an engaging leader. 

Step into your roles as an engaging leader, and be the person others would want to follow.

Make your roles as an engaging leader more personally meaningful and actionable.

Learn and apply interactive frameworks to help you build and strengthen the bonds with your partners, staff and followers that will engage their enthusiasm to participate, serve, act and persevere.  

Learn practical tools to help you diagnose, plan communicate, share decision-making and distribute ownership with others in your group and in your community.  

Lead others in such ways that they will surge out ahead of you – and do so because, together, you and they are striving to make contributions that are meaningful to you all!

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